4:090-E1 Student Activity Account Budget

Annually, sponsors shall submit an annual budget to the Building Principal or designee before transactions (revenues or expenditures) are conducted in the account.  An example budget is provided below.

Example Annual Budget

Beginning Balance
Student participation dues (if any)
Fundraising activities (itemize)
Total Revenues
Supplies (describe)
Equipment (describe)
Services (describe)
Total Expenditures
Ending Balance

Important Notes

  1. Per Board Policy 4:090-AP1, Management of Student Activity Funds, if the ending balance is projected to exceed 10% of the average annual revenue (3 prior years), a long-term spending plan must be submitted.
  2. Activity money should be expended for the benefit of students who contributed to the accumulation of the money.  Money collected by a student body as a whole will be expended for the benefit of the student body as a whole and not for the benefit of a special group.
  3. Participation dues must be approved per Board Policy 4:142-AP1, School Fees and Payment Plans and, if assessed notice must be submitted to parents and students annually per Board Policy 4:142-E3 Co-Curricular Participation Dues Notice.
  4. Fundraising requires the approval of the Superintendent or designee and is subject to Board Policy 7:325, Student Fundraising Activities.

Cross References:

4:090-AP1 Management of Student Activity Funds

4:142 School Fees

6:190 Extracurricular and Co-Curricular Activities

7:325 Student Fundraising Activities

Date Adopted:  November 15, 2016