7:325-AP1 Application and Procedures to Involve Students in Fundraising Activities

The fundraising activities that involve students must have prior approval.  Applications must be submitted to the Building Principal and shall address the following elements:

  1. Applicant name (and organization name) and contact information
  2. Schools involved
  3. Activity
  4. Activity dates
  5. Description of how students will be involved in the fundraising activity, including whether they will be asked to buy or sell items
  6. Will the proposed activity involve selling food or beverage items to students on campus during the school day?
    1. Yes – approval must be contingent on the availability of an exempted fundraising day; attach an exact description of what you propose to sell, including the nutritional analysis.
    2. No – food and beverage items will not be sold to students on campus during the school day.
  7. Student participation must be voluntary.  Describe any student incentives for participation.
  8. Fundraising efforts should not burden students, their families, citizens, or merchants by being too frequent.  When and what was the last fundraising activity done by this organization or club?
  9. Local ordinances must be followed, merchants must approve of any activities on their property, and students must conduct themselves as ambassadors for their school.  How will students be informed?
  10. Student safety must be paramount.  How will students be kept safe if fundraising activities occur away from school?
  11. Sales or service campaigns to raise money should offer appropriate merchandise or services.  Describe the merchandise or services students will be asked to sell or perform.
  12. For school-sponsored student organizations, a school staff member must supervise fundraising activities in addition to any other adult volunteers.  List all of the adult sponsors, including staff members and non-staff adult volunteers.
  13. Parent organizations and booster clubs are governed by Board policy 8:090, Parent Organizations and Booster Clubs.  Is the organization prepared to abide by this policy?
  14. Fundraising efforts must be to support the organization’s purposes and/or activities, the general welfare, a charitable cause, or the educational experiences of students generally.  Describe how the funds raised through the proposed activity will be used.  If the activity will help fund a trip or overnight excursion, describe the general travel plan.
  15. The funds must be used to the maximum extent possible for the designated purpose.  Is this agreeable?
  16. Fundraising efforts that solicit donor messages for placement on school property must follow the District’s viewpoint neutral guidelines for the creation of messages.  Is this agreeable?
  17. By submitting an application, the applicant agrees to adhere to all Board policies and administrative procedures.
  18. The Building Principal will base his or her decision on the information provided as well as other criteria deemed important.  After approving or denying the application, a copy shall be sent to the Superintendent and a copy returned to the applicant.

Dated Approved:  December 20, 2016