7:320-E2 Request For Approval – Student Group Overnight Trip

Phase 1:  Board Approval

Provide the following information by October 1st of the school year in which an overnight trip or one that is beyond a 200 mile radius of the school.  Information should be submitted to the building principal.  If the October 1st deadline is not met, the trip may be submitted for consideration:

Name of Group
Tentative Dates
Number of school days missed
Rationale for the trip
Assurances The sponsor assures that the following will guide the educational trip:

  • A majority of eligible students will participate in the trip
  • Proper supervision will be planned (one adult-age 21 and older for every 10 students)
  • Students will be involved in a minimum of 5 hours of educational activity per school day
  • The sponsor will have a detailed plan with the following at least 30 days prior to the educational trip:
    • Verification of instructional hours/days missed
    • Itinerary
    • Breakdown of costs for all participants
    • Summary of supervisory arrangements
    • All chaperones will need to be put through the District’s Raptor system
  • Verification that there is no penalty for students who choose not to participate
  • Costs are guided by the following
    • Avenues have been explored for reducing the student’s financial obligations
    • Similar educational experiences have been explored that may be more cost effective
    • Student fundraising activities have been developed and explored

All educational tours that meet the principal’s or designee’s approval will be forwarded on to the Superintendent or designee for Board Approval.

At least 30 days prior to an approved educational trip, the following should be furnished to the building principal and be available for inspection by the Superintendent or designee.



Name of Group __________________________________________________________

School _________________________________

Sponsor _______________________________

Destination ______________________________________________________________

Dates _______________________ Number of School Days _____________

Travel Agent ____________________________________________________________

Mode of Transportation ____________________________________________________

Housing ________________________________________________________________

Number of Students involved _______________________________________________

Number of Students in Organization __________________________________________

List of Chaperones – One chaperone is required for every 10 students:

__________________________________ ____________________________________ __________________________________ ____________________________________ __________________________________ ____________________________________ __________________________________ ____________________________________ __________________________________ ____________________________________ __________________________________ ____________________________________

Gross Cost per Student _____________________________________________________

Cost per Student After Fundraising ___________________________________________

Planned Fundraising Activities ______________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________

The following items must be attached to this application:

1. Written rationale for the trip. Must show that the activities involved in the trip are directly supplemental to the regular school program and provide significant learning experiences that are not obtainable in the district, or some other closer location.

2. A schedule to include the itinerary, five hours of instructional time for each school day missed and a list of tests and/or other instructional materials to be utilized.

3. An information letter to the parents that includes the cost, itinerary and a statement that there is no penalty for non-attendance by a student.

Principal Date Approved:  ___________________


Date Approved:  March 9, 2010

Date Amended:  January 23, 2018