7:320-AP1 – Field Trip Guidelines

Actor Action
Teacher(s) or administrator proposing the trip Submits to the Building Principal all trip requests. The request must specifically describe:

  • The trip, including possible dates, location, and experience;
  • The trip’s educational value;
  • Transportation requirements;
  • Plan for adequate supervision;
  • The students who will be involved;
  • The alternative experience that will be provided for non-participating students; and
  • Whether a similar trip has occurred previously.
Building principal If the requested trip is:

  • Within a 200-mile radius of the school and does not extend overnight, decides whether to approve the trip; or
  • Beyond a 200-mile radius of the school and/or extends overnight, decides whether to recommend a requested trip for Board approval.

Using his or her discretion, decides whether to approve, or recommend for Board approval, individual trips based on:

  • Educational value
  • Distance to be traveled
  • Location
  • Travel arrangements
  • Fees
  • Parent concerns
  • Insurance carrier’s liability feedback
  • Safety considerations
  • Heightened security alerts
  • Whether trip is an annual event

The following responses or recommendations may be made:

  • Approves the trip
  • Asks for additional information from the individuals who requested the trip’s approval
  • Disapproves the trip with a reason
  • Makes other response according to circumstances

Makes preliminary transportation arrangements.

Appropriate teacher(s) and Building Principal Make final transportation arrangements.Recruit parents/guardians for supervisory roles, as appropriate.

Collect signed consent forms and deposit fees from all participating students’ parents/guardians.

Make sure all supervisors have a list of the following:

  • Names of all student participants and supervisors
  • Names and specifics of students with special needs, including required medicines
  • Name/phone number of emergency contacts for all students and supervisors
  • Date/time and specific destination of trip
  • Departure/arrival times both to and from destination
  • Name and phone number of transportation company and primary contact in case of emergency
  • Name/phone number of contact at destination
  • Once at destination, where to go in case of an emergency

Obtain approval of field trip supervisors from building principal.

Make final supervisor assignments and inform all supervisors of their individual assignments.

Communicate relevant cell phone information to office staff.

Parents/Guardians Decide whether to consent to their student’s participation.If the student is participating, pay all applicable fees for entry, food, lodging, special transportation, or other costs; except that the District will pay such costs for students who qualify.

Date Adopted:  March 9, 2010

Date Amended:  January 23, 2018