7:270-E2 – Administering Medicine to Students

The purpose of administering medication in school is to help each child maintain an optimal state of health that may enhance his/her educational plan. Only those medications, which are absolutely necessary to maintain the child in school and must be given during school hours, shall be administered. Homeopathic/herbal remedies will not be administered by school personnel unless prescribed by a physician.

The law which regulates the administration of medication in the school is the same as that applied to hospitals and other institutions: Medication of any type will be administered only with the written order of the individual’s physician.

Prescription and Over-the-Counter Medicine

1. If at any time your child will need prescription medication during the school day, the attached “Order for Administration of Medication” must be completed in its entirety. This form must be signed by the student’s physician and parent on an annual basis.

2. Over-the-counter medications also require an “Order for Administration of Medication” form. This document will indicate the medication, the dosage, the purpose of the medication and the duration of administration. This form for over-the-counter medication also requires the doctor’s and parent’s signatures on an annual basis.

3. The district medication form must be presented to the school before the student is administered any medication at school. A separate form is required for each prescription and/or over-the-counter medication.

4. ALL prescription and over the counter medicines that are to be administered at school must be brought to the school by an adult in the original container. Over the counter medications must come in the original container and be labeled with the student’s name. A prescription label must be on the container and show the current date, name of the student and the names of the doctor and pharmacy. (Ask your pharmacist to give you two containers–dividing the medication for home and school as needed.)

5. If a district employee observes any prescription or over-the-counter medication being used in school without written permission from the physician and parent, the medication will be confiscated, the student risks disciplinary action and the parent advised.

6.The parent must replace any medications that expire during the school year. Unused or expired medications will be returned to the parent. If the parent has not picked-up the medication within two (2) weeks after the end of the term, the medication will be discarded.

Guidelines for Self Carry of Medications:

1.Inhaler/Epipen must be properly labeled by the pharmacy with the name of medication, student’s name and the dosage.

2.The student must demonstrate proper knowledge of self administration to the prescribing physician and School Health Specialist/ Registered Nurse.

3.A current School Medication authorization Form and a copy of the asthma inhaler prescription must be on file in the school health office. Students risk disciplinary action if this form/asthma inhaler label copy is not on file.

4.A second Inhaler/EpiPen should be kept in the school health office at all times in case the medication is forgotten or misplaced. An “Order for Administration of Medication” form will be needed for asthma inhalers kept in the health office.

5.Students who engage in unsafe practices that place the student or other students in harm or danger, including but not limited to taking medication in exceeds prescribed dosage or sharing/giving medication to other students, will be subject to discipline and/or medication accommodations other than selfadministration will be considered. The student will be asked to sign an agreement for the self carry of asthma and /or EpiPen medications.

Date Approved: 03/09/2011