7:140-AP1 – Use of Metal Detectors for Student Safety

Nothing in this procedure shall limit the authority of school officials to search a student in accordance with School Board policy, 7:140, Search and Seizure.  All property removed as a result of this procedure that may be legitimately brought onto District property will be returned to the individual.  Property removed from a student, possession of which is violation of Board policy, shall be confiscated and the student disciplined in accordance with the Board policy.

Students who fail to cooperate with school personnel performing their duties may be subject to discipline for insubordination.  Individuals who fail to cooperate will be asked to leave District property.

Metal Detectors

Metal detectors may be used when any one of the following occurs:  (1) the administration has reasonable suspicion that a weapon is in the possession of unidentified students, (2) when weapons or dangerous objects were found at school, on school property, or in the vicinity of a school, (3) when violence involving weapons has occurred at a school or on school property, at school functions, or in a school’s vicinity, or (4) when a mass search takes place according to the District’s standards for when and how metal detector searches are to be conducted. The Building Principal shall obtain the Superintendent’s permission before using a metal detector.  The reasons supporting the use of a metal detector shall be documented.

Signs will be posted to inform individuals that they will be required to submit to a screening for metal as a condition of entering District property.  The screening will be conducted by District staff who may be assisted by law enforcement officials.

An individual will be asked to remove metal objects from his or her person prior to use of a metal detecting device.  If, after the removal of metal objects, the metal detector activates, the individual may be subjected to a pat-down search.

School personnel may inspect the contents of any briefcase, knapsack, purse, or parcel that activates the metal detector for the limited purpose of determining whether a weapon is concealed therein.

Pat-Down Search

When possible, the pat-down search will be conducted by school personnel of the same sex as that of the individual.

A pat-down search conducted by school personnel shall be a limited to clothing for the purpose of discovering items that may have activated the metal detecting device.

If the school personnel conducting a pat-down search feels an object that may have activated the metal detecting device or be other prohibited contraband, the individual will be asked to remove it.

Date Adopted: 05/29/2009

Date Amended: 10/23/2012