7:050-AP3 Student Enrollment


Enrollment means the act of initial matriculation or transfer of a student into the District.

Registration means an annual act of verifying student information, including parental contact information and intention to continue attending school within the District; annual registration is required.

Conceptual Procedure

Student Enrollment consists of two phases:

  1.  Phase 1. The first phase of enrollment is centralized, conducted entirely by the Central Office, and includes the following processes:
    1. Collection of student enrollment forms (Part I and II and Affidavit of Enrollment and Residency)
    2. Verification of student residency
    3. Request for student records
  2. Phase 2. The second phase of enrollment is site-based, conducted by the school or special program after the completion of Phase 1, and includes the following processes:
    1. Processing of student records received (transcripts, IEP/504 plans, etc.)
    2. Processing of required vaccine, medical, dental and vision records
    3. Planning for special student services, if any
    4. Determination of student start date

Workflow Checklist

Phase 1

  1. Determine if the student is currently active or was enrolled previously in the District
  2. Verify the following documents:
    1. Enrollment Forms (Part I and Part II) for completion and signature
    2. Affidavit of Enrollment and Residency for completion and signature
    3. Birth Certificate
    4. Residency documents (Category I and Category II )
      1. To process enrollment, one document from Category I and two documents from Category II are required
        1. Homeless:  a family could qualify as homeless based on the reason they are living with a Batavia resident.  Inform district liaison who will speak with the family to determine status
      2. If Category II item(s) still need to be provided, check the Residency Alert box and indicate in the notes, what is still required.
      3. 7:060 Exhibit 1 does not require a notary
      4. 7:060 Exhibit 2 and Exhibit 3 require a notary and approval from District administrator
    5. Notarizes exhibits, if necessary
    6. Seek exhibit approval from administrator, if necessary
  3. Contacts parent/guardian if any required documents are missing
  4. Creates (or updates) student record in PowerSchool
  5. Scan and attach all documents to the student record in PowerSchool
  6. Send paper documents to the school for record keeping (and health information for nurse)
  7. Send request for student records and ISBE Student Transfer Form to the previous school
  8. Send parent/guardian welcome letter and PowerSchool account credentials
  9. Notify Student Services and Building Principal if the student has an IEP
  10. Notify district nurse and building nurse if a health issues exists
  11. Notify Bi-Lingual (add to Bi-Lingual Screening Google Doc) if another language is indicated on Enrollment Form Part I
  12. Notify SPED (add to IEP/504 Meetings and Summer Move Ins Google Doc) if student has an IEP or 504
  13. If high school student, set grade level based upon birth date
  14. If eligible for transportation, add student to Transportation Google Doc
  15. If missing residency document, flag residency issue (Residency)
  16. Share free/reduced lunch and fee waiver application process

Phase 2

  1. Add all new students to a Class List doc
  2. Update all class numbers
  3. Create a student cumulative folder
  4. Add student to the Transportation Google Doc (if not already done)
  5. Follow up on student records request
  6. Communicate with new family regarding tours/create welcome folders
  7. Summer – modify schedule in PowerSchool to reflect class placement
  8. Approve all online registration in PowerSchool (once parent has set up an account)
  9. Run new class lists
  10. Add to teach sub folders
  11. Emails specials teachers with updated class list

Date Adopted:  March 24, 2020

Date Amended:  October 19, 2020