7:020-AP1 – Harassment of Students Prohibited

Actor Action
Building Principal or Designee Distribute and publicize School Board policy 7:20, Harassment of Students Prohibited, and School Board policy 2:260, Uniform Grievance Procedure using various methods. Take measures to prevent harassment of students, including:

  1. Conduct periodic harassment awareness training for all school staff, including administrators, teachers, and guidance counselors.
  2. Conduct periodic age-appropriate harassment awareness training for students.
  3. Establish discussion groups in which students can discuss what constitutes harassment and how to respond to it in the school setting.
  4. Survey students to determine if harassment is occurring at school.
  5. Conduct periodic harassment awareness training for parents/guardians.
  6. Work with parents/guardians and students to develop and implement age-appropriate, effective measures for addressing harassment.
  7. Determine when extra supervision and precaution should be taken, such as, when: two or more students seem to be in conflict with each other; there have been previous incidents of harassment, sexual assaults, threats, or bullying around perceived sexual orientation; or a specific student has had prior disciplinary violations.
  8. Have a process in place to: (1) inform all relevant staff members who are responsible for supervising a student with a history of violent or sexually inappropriate behavior, and (2) keep the student constantly supervised.
  9. Regularly train staff regarding: (1) their classroom and non-classroom supervisory responsibilities, e.g., during a school-sponsored event, before and after school, while students wait for the school bus, between classes, during lunch, and at recess, (2) behaviors that may be an indicator of sexual or physical violence against another student, and (3) what to do when they observe an unusual and disruptive student.
  10. Identify areas in the school building that are isolated (e.g., restrooms, locker rooms, hallways while classes are in session, stairwells, and empty rooms) and take extra steps to make them safe.
  11. Immediately notify the police and relevant parents/guardians when an assault or attempted assault has occurred.
Nondiscrimination Coordinator and/or Grievance Complaint Manager Thoroughly and promptly investigate allegations of harassment by:

  1. Distributing Board policy 2:260, Uniform Grievance Procedure, to any person upon request;
  2. Following Board policy 2:260, Uniform Grievance Procedure;
  3. Notifying a student’s parents/guardians that they may attend any investigatory meetings in which their child is present;
  4. Keeping the complaining parents/guardians informed of any investigation’s progress; and
  5. Keeping confidential all information about an investigation and the statements of students and other witnesses.  The Superintendent shall be kept informed of an investigation’s progress.
All District Staff Members Immediately report to the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services any situation that provides you with reasonable cause to believe that a child may be an abused child or a neglected child. Promptly notify the Superintendent and Building Principal that you made a report.

Date Adopted:  05/29/2009