8:080-AP1 Crowdfunding


Crowdfunding is an Internet-based request for resources from individuals or organizations to support activities or projects that enhance the educational program.


Crowdfunding projects shall:

  • Be approved, in writing, by the Building Principal in accordance with all applicable Board policies and related administrative procedures
  • Be sponsored only by teachers and administrators currently employed by the District
  • Describe the purpose and rationale of the project
  • Include consultation with appropriate District personnel to ensure that technology and facility requirements are properly addressed
  • Comply with applicable state an federal student privacy requirements

Crowdfunding projects shall not:

  • Include any identifiable student images
  • Negatively reflect upon the District, its programs, services, staff, or students

Before approving a crowdfunding project, the Building Principal shall consider:

  1. The project’s relevance to the School Improvement Plan
  2. Compliance with the following Board policies:
    1. 8:080 Gifts to District
    2. 7:325 Student Fund-Raising Activities
    3. 4:060 Purchases and Contracts
    4. 5:140 Solicitations by or from Staff
  3. The potential of cooperating, competing, or conflicting fundraising activities underway and/or planned for the school, District and affiliate organizations.
  4. Preference for other possible or more appropriate funding sources (school funds, District funds, local foundation grants, PTOs).

Crowdfunding Services

The Superintendent or designee shall identify approved crowdfunding sites for use by eligible staff.

An approved crowdfunding service must:

  1. Only allow current District staff to create projects.
  2. Prohibit cash payments or reimbursements to District personnel.
  3. Protect the privacy of students in accordance with state and federal laws and Board policy
  4. Require materials and supplies to become the property of the District in accordance with all applicable Board policies.
  5. Provide reports to Administration regarding the status of each request and materials delivered.

The following crowdfunding services have been reviewed by the Superintendent or designee:

Approved Services Disapproved Services

Cross Reference:

8:080 Gifts to District

7:325 Student Fund-Raising Activities

4:060 Purchases and Contracts

5:140 Solicitations by or from Staff

Date Approved:  March 24, 2020