8:095 Parental Involvement

In order to assure collaborative relationships between students’ families and the District, and to enable parents/guardians to become active partners in their children’s education, the Superintendent shall:

  1. Keep parents/guardians thoroughly informed about their child’s school and education.
  2. Encourage parents/guardians to be involved in their child’s school and education.
  3. Establish effective two-way communication between parents/guardians and the District.
  4. Seek input from parent(s)/guardian(s) on significant school-related issues.
  5. Inform parents/guardians on how they can assist their children’s learning.

The Superintendent shall periodically report to the School Board on the implementation of this policy.

Cross Reference: 

6:170 Title I Programs6:250 Community Resource Persons and Volunteers, 8:010 Connection with the Community,   8:090 Parent Organizations, Booster Clubs and Educational Foundation

Date Adopted: 06/28/2011

Date Amended: 11/14/2023