8:020 Community Use of School Facilities

Community Use of School Facilities

The Batavia Public School buildings have been constructed primarily to accommodate and encourage the education of Batavia’s youth. However, since education continues throughout a person’s life and is not limited to books and classroom walls, the School Board believes the buildings should also serve as community centers for education, civic, cultural and other uses consistent with the public interest, when such use does not interfere with the school program or school-sponsored activities. The use of school facilities for school purposes has precedence over all other uses.  The District reserves the right to cancel previously scheduled use of facilities by community.  Persons on school premises must abide by the District’s conduct rules at all times.

Therefore, it is the philosophy of the Board that when the buildings are not being used for organized school activities, they will be available for general use by community organizations at the Board’s cost for operation.  The use of District facilities for personal or private parties is prohibited.  This includes birthday celebrations, anniversary celebrations, wedding receptions and similar activities.

The charge will normally be for our expenses, which means an hourly charge for the school personnel necessary to accommodate the group using the facility and a usage charge to cover utilities, insurance, wear and tear on equipment, etc.

The Superintendent, or designee, may approve the rental of District facilities to school related groups, Park District, civic groups, private enterprises and church organizations. Decisions to approve or disapprove such requests shall be based upon the availability of the facilities, interference, or potential interference, with the instructional program or other school operations and verification that the group maintains adequate coverage against personal injury and/or property loss. In cases of doubt, the Superintendent shall bring the matter to the School Board for its final determination.

Income from such rentals shall be credited to the Operations, Building and Maintenance Fund, and all expenses resulting from such rental shall be charged against this fund. All rentals will be approved through the business office.

The Superintendent or designee shall be responsible for establishing administrative procedures for the use of school facilities.

Use of Equipment

The Superintendent or designee may approve the temporary loan of District equipment to other governmental bodies and non-for-profit organizations located within Batavia Schools.  The Director of Buildings and Grounds will be responsible for establishing a procedure for requesting use of District Equipment and to ensure District equipment is returned in the same condition as it was loaned out at.

Cross Reference: 

7:330 Student Use of Buildings – Equal Access

8:025 Community Relations

8:030 Visitors to and Conduct on School Property

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Date Adopted: 06/22/2010

Date Amended: 12/16/2014