8:025-AP1 Distribution of Community Interest Messages

Batavia Public Schools serves as a vehicle for distribution of materials for community-based and governmental organizations providing programs and services for children. The distribution method commonly known as the Backpackmail has been a valuable tool for schools and outside groups. Backpackmail will be electronic communication only.  This is an economical and expedient method for not-for-profit and governmental organizations to bring their programs and services to the attention of a broad audience of parents and children.

In order to be effective in distributing electronic information from outside agencies as well as to provide an efficient and effective vehicle for distribution of materials from school-based groups, it is important to utilize the following specific guidelines:

Outside Agencies

  1. Information distributed by Batavia Public Schools must be directly related to a program or service for children.
  2. The school district will distribute information from entities, which are governmental, charitable, or not-for-profit. Examples of groups that may utilize the district for the distribution of materials are the Park District, Library, Police and Fire Departments, YMCA, YWCA, Boy and Girl Scouts.  Not-for-profits are defined as those organizations, public and private, funded wholly or partially through grants and donations and provide services and activities that benefit the youth of the school district.
  3. The district will not distribute advertising or promotions for services for private enterprises or businesses even if the activity or service requested for distribution is a partial fund-raiser.
  4. The Superintendent or designee must pre-approve all messages. If approved, a member of the superintendent’s staff will contact the person submitting the message to obtain the proper format. Once a message is approved, the outside agency must deliver it in the proper format.
  5. Messages from outside agencies will be distributed twice a month beginning in September. Agencies are encouraged to submit their materials seven calendar days prior to the distribution date to assure ample lead time for approval and electronic preparation.

Internal Groups

  1. All school-based organizations, such as Interschool Council, PTO and PAC are free to use the  school-based distribution service if approved by the school principal.
  2. Fridays of each week are reserved for distribution from school-based organizations for  materials such as Interschool Council information, school newsletters and classroom  communications. No distribution from any outside agency will take place on a Friday.

Date Adopted: 08/11/2010