7:285-E1-Curricular Use of Food

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Batavia Public Schools  Curricular Use of Food

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The Board of Education has established policies and procedures that protect students with food allergies and promote student wellness. These policies and procedures restrict the use of food during school hours. However, the Board of Education and administration acknowledge that food may play a role in the teaching and learning process. The checklist below is meant to guide teachers’ decisions on the use of food for learning experiences. This form should be submitted to the building principal at least 5 days prior to the use of food for a learning experience. This is an informational tool and for data collection. If an administrator has concerns, he/she will directly address them with the teacher(s).

In the space below, please provide a brief description of the learning experience and rationale for using food.




Consideration Checklist

The teacher/specialist should acknowledge that they can affirm or have completed that he/she have accomplished the following (place your initials next to each statement to acknowledge):


_____ The learning experience is enhanced through the use of food.

_____ Alternative activities have been explored to meet the learning objectives.


_____ Parents have been/will be notified at least 2 days before the use of food in the classroom. _____ A complete listing of food ingredients is available for all food used in the classroom.

 Teacher should keep packaging until after the experience.

_____ The teacher has reviewed the class roster to identify any students with food allergies and appropriate alternative arrangements have been made.

Date Approved:  05/21/2014