7:200-E3 – Request For Suspension Appeal

(Reference: Board of Education Policy 7:200)



335 West Wilson Street

Batavia, IL 60510

FROM: Parent/Guardian Name(s): ________________________________

Address: ____________________________________Zip Code: ________

Telephone(s): Home: ( ) _________Cell: ( ) _________ Work: ( ______)

A student or parent/guardian may appeal a student’s suspension after the suspension is issued. The student and parent/guardian must meet with the school principal or other administrator in an informal conference. If the administrator sustains the suspension, the student and/or parent/guardian may complete this form and return it to the address noted above. For the appeal to be considered, this form needs to be fully completed.

Student Name: _______________________________ Date of Birth: ____________

School Name: ___________________________________ Grade: _____________

Suspension Dates: __________________ to _____________________

Days: _______________

Suspension Charge (i.e., Assault/Battery, Theft):


Date of informal conference with principal: ______________________

NATURE OF COMPLAINT (Describe in your own words the reasons you feel this suspension is not appropriate or the procedure was not followed properly by the school administrator. Please include all names, dates, and places of those involved so we can have a complete understanding of your complaint):