4:110-AP4 Paid Busing


Paid busing shall be offered to elementary and middle school students who reside more than 0.5 miles from their serving school and who are not otherwise eligible for free transportation. Due to capacity issues and irregular riding trends, paid busing is not offered to high school students.


After regular routes are created each year for students eligible for free transportation, open seats on each bus shall be made available to students interested in and eligible for paid busing.  If more students apply for paid busing than seats available, a lottery will be held.

Paid busing shall only be offered only for the full year and only for both morning and afternoon routes.

Paid Busing Cost

The paid busing cost will be determined each school year by the Superintendent or designee based upon the cost of operating a bus route at capacity.  The paid busing cost formula will consist of the following:

Annual operating cost of bus route (to and from school) divided by the Operating capacity of a bus (e.g. 60 students) = Paid busing charge per student

Paid busing charges shall not be eligible for a fee waiver.  Failure to pay paid busing charges will result in the student’s removal from the bus route, unless a reduction or waiver is determined by the Superintendent or designee to be appropriate.  Paid busing charges may be refunded (pro rata) only when students move within or dis-enroll from the District.

Bus Stops

To the extend possible, paid busing students shall use the bus stops already established for the regular route.  In cases where the regular bus stops are not practical for paid busing students, a new stop may be created at the discretion of the Superintendent or designee.  Paid busing stops shall not be permitted to add more than 5 minutes of run-time to a regular route.

Date Adopted:  April 18, 2017