2:130 Board-Superintendent Relationship

The School Board directs, through policy, the Superintendent in his or her charge of the administration of the District by delegating its authority to operate the District and provide leadership to staff.  The Board employs and evaluates the Superintendent and holds him or her responsible for the operation of the District in accordance with Board policies and State and federal law.

The Board-Superintendent relationship is based on mutual respect for their complementary roles.  The relationship requires clear communication of expectations regarding the duties and responsibilities of both the Board and Superintendent.

The Board considers the recommendations of the Superintendent as the District’s Chief Executive Officer.  The Board adopts policies necessary to provide general direction for the district and to encourage achievement of District goals.  The Superintendent develops plans, programs and procedures needed to implement the policies and directs the District’s operations.

Cross Reference: 

3:040 Superintendent

Legal Reference(s):

105 ILCS 5/10-21.4

Date Adopted:  April 5, 2006

Date Amended:  December 20, 2016

Date Amended:  August 24, 2021