Bus Students

Upon arrival, school staff ensure each child’s safe entry into the school building. When it is time to go home, school staff escort students into their designated buses.

Family Transported Student Arrivals

School staff will open the family door at the start of class time. Please walk your child to the Drop off/Pick Up door and be prepared to say your goodbyes outside the door so that class staff may facilitate a smooth separation. Your child will enter the building and be guided to his/her classroom by the classroom staff.

Family Transported Student Departures

When the school day is over, the classroom staff will wait with the students inside the family door. Students will not be released outside the door until a family member (or designated adult) comes to the door for his/her child’s dismissal.

Arrival and departure is a busy time at Alice Gustafson School. In order to assure your child is released to an authorized person; families will be asked to utilize an identification card system. The school will provide each family with two identification cards.  When a parent or other authorized person arrives at the school to pick up a child, they must present the card to the teaching staff who are dismissing children.  We ask that the adult member walk up to the parent dismissal door with the card in hand. Please request your child by name. If you do not have the assigned identification card, you will be directed to the main office. In the main office you/or the person pick up op your child will be asked to present a photo ID before your child will be released.

In the event of an alternative family member or friend picks up your child from school, please notify the school prior to the end of the school day. You may phone the school office or write a note to the classroom teacher.  The adult picking up your child should be prepared to show a photo ID to the school staff upon request.

Bus Transportation

Bus transportation is available for students with disabilities if it is listed within their IEP. Bus service is provided by the Illinois Central Bus Company.

Please note:

  • Transportation routes are arranged by the bus company.
  • Families are provided estimated times for pickup and drop off.
  • The routes are adjusted throughout the school year as new students enter the program.
  • Times may vary depending upon road construction or weather.
  • You will be informed of any time changes for pickup or drop off of your child.
  • Please make sure your child is ready and waiting at the designated time.
  • You should put the Safety Vest on your child before he/she gets on the bus each day.
  • Food is not allowed on the bus for safety reasons.
  • On days your child will not attend school due to illness etc., you must contact the bus company to let them know that your child will not need transportation.

Bus transportation services can be provided to community students for a fee through the district transportation department.  For information and fee information, please call the district office at (630) 937-8813.

Bus Procedures at School

  • Teachers and paraprofessionals escort the children to and from the bus each day.
  • After all children have exited the bus, the bus driver walks through the bus to assure all students have left the bus.
  • Seatbelts and harnesses are provided for all Early Childhood students.
  • Your child’s teacher will put the vest on your child for the ride back home.
  • Wearing a safety harness is a requirement. Your child may not ride the bus without it.
  • Any questions or concerns about the bus service may be directed to Illinois Central Bus Company at (630) 584-1658.