Student Handbooks

Student Expectations for Batavia High School Dances

  • All students attending a dance sponsored by Batavia High School acknowledge that it is a school sponsored event and all school rules apply.
  • Students are required to have a ticket and a valid school ID or Driver’s License to gain admittance to the dance.
  • Students who wish to bring a non-Batavia High School student as a guest to a dance must turn in a completed Guest Pass to Student Services prior to purchasing tickets.
  • Attendees must be enrolled in high school or no older than 20 years of age.
  • All students must arrive within one hour of the beginning of the dance.
  • Students who leave the dance for any reason may not re-enter.
  • Appropriate dress and footwear is expected at all times.
  • Students are expected to dance in a respectful manner.  Students may be removed for lewd or inappropriate dancing/behavior.
  1. Upon entering the dance, all students will be issued a wristband that they must wear for the duration of the dance.
  2. Students are expected to dance in a respectable manner. Dancing that is inappropriate, sexually explicit, or creates unsafe conditions is not allowed. This includes any form of grinding and back-to-front dancing.
  3. Students who are seen dancing inappropriately will be spoken to and may have their wristbands removed by an administrator or chaperone. The removal of the wristband will constitute the “official warning.”
  4. Once a student has had a wristband removed, continued inappropriate dancing will result in removal from the dance. If this occurs, an administrator will follow up with the student’s parents/guardian to inform them that their child was removed from the dance for sexually explicit/inappropriate dancing.
  5. Removal from a dance may result in being excluded from future dances.
  • Students found to be under the influence of and/or in possession of drugs or alcohol will be removed from the dance and additional school and legal consequences may be assigned.
  • The administration reserves the right to remove any student from a dance for any type of behavior that is deemed inappropriate.
  • Guests that are removed from any dance, for any reason, will no longer be welcome at future BHS functions.