Student Handbooks

Attendance Procedure 

(Board Policy 7:70)

Attendance Procedures

Parents, guardians, and students should be aware of and follow these procedures:

Parents or guardians must call the attendance office BEFORE 11 a.m. or the student is considered truant. Extenuating circumstances may prevent a parent from calling before 11 a.m. These instances will be dealt with on an individual basis. An absence that is not cleared up within 24 hours will be recorded as truant. No exceptions will be made.

In order to more conveniently report your student’s absence, calls can be made to the attendance office answering machine between the hours of 3:30 p.m. and 7 a.m. if you know that your son or daughter will not be in attendance on the next day. The number is (630) 937-8603.

Batavia High School recognizes two categories of absences:   

  1. Excused Absences
  2. Truant Absences

Excused Absences 

The Student Services Office will recognize as an excused absence:

(1) A student’s personal illness, (2) a serious illness and/or death in the immediate family, (3) a family emergency situation with an explanation (4) religious holidays (Board Policy 7:80) (5) court appearances, and (6) medical and dental visits.  

The same guidelines apply to excused tardies. Students excused for these reasons will be given one school day for each excused day in order to make up work.  Parents need to call the attendance line for each day that a student is absent or tardy. After three (3) consecutive days of absence the school may request a doctor’s note upon the student’s return.

Absences for reasons other than those indicated above must be pre-arranged through the Attendance Office. Requests from parents or guardians must be presented in writing at least three (3) school days prior to the absence. Prior to the absence, the student is responsible for making the necessary arrangements for the completion of the make-up work with teachers. The teacher’s signature on the planned absence form indicates only that the teacher has been notified of the absence.

Reasons for Pre-Arranged absences include the following:

  1. College visitation if it has been cleared prior to the absence. There is a maximum of three (3) per school year. Students will need to submit a planned absence form.
  2. As recently reaffirmed by the Board of Education, family vacations should not be taken when school is in session. However, if it becomes necessary to arrange a vacation during school time, a student must submit a Planned Absence form a minimum of three days prior to the absence. If a family chooses to take a vacation during the school year, schoolwork will be given when the student returns to school. Upon return, students will be given one day of extra time for each day of absence to make up the work. Parents or guardians and students should also realize that some work may not be made up due to the hands-on nature of the class work.
  3. A single period absence for reasons such as medical and dental appointments will be excused with a note or phone call from the parents or guardians. The planned absence form three days ahead of time will not be necessary in such cases. Note that students entering or leaving the building for appointments must sign in and out in the Main Street Reception area.

All other absences will be considered truant.

Truant Absences 

Any absences from class/school without permission from Student Services or proper notification from parent/guardian. Please note that the Illinois School Code does NOT grant parents or guardians the authority to excuse their child from attending classes. Students coming unexcused to class in excess of five (5) minutes will also be defined as truant. Students are responsible for requesting any work missed during the time of an unexcused absence.

Parents/Guardians will be automatically notified by email/phone in the event of an unexcused absence.

Students who are truant will be assigned an appropriate consequence on a case-by-case basis.  

Students who are chronically truant will not be eligible to attend school events including, but not limited to, the following: athletic events, all school dances (or be an approved guest for another school’s dance), receive parking permits, senior breakfast, walk at graduation, or receive his/her diploma.

All truant students will be subject to the Batavia Truancy Ordinance, which may result in fines and/or community service.  More information regarding the Batavia Truancy Ordinance can be obtained from the School Liaison Officer.

Students under the age of 17 may be referred to the Kane County Truancy Officer.   

Tardiness: Students will be considered tardy if they are not inside the classroom when the bell rings. Students may still receive consequences for excessive excused tardies.

Students who are tardy will be assigned an appropriate consequence on a case-by-case basis.  

Excessive Absences: In cases of excessive absence, a certified letter may be sent to the parents or guardians requiring a complete physical examination at the parent’s expense before the student is re-admitted to school. (Illinois School Code, Section 27.8.1). 

Batavia High School values student attendance and believes that communication is important.  Every quarter, parents of students who have missed 3 or more days of school will receive a letter outlining our attendance policies as well as potential consequences for continued absences. The letters will be sent unless proper documentation has been provided to the school. If absences have not been a result of hospitalization or illness/injury verified by a doctor’s note, the school nurse, school sponsored activity, or administrative approval, the following shall be done:

  1. After 3-5 cumulative days of absence a letter shall be sent to the parents to inform them of such accumulation.
  2. After 5-7 cumulative days of absence, a letter shall be sent to the parents to inform them of such    accumulation. The letter shall also inform them that an accumulation of 9+ days of absence may result in school consequences as well a referral to Kane County Truancy.  
  3. After 9+ cumulative days of absence, students may receive school consequences as well a referral to Kane County Truancy.