Student Handbooks

General Information

Driving and Parking Regulations

Parking on the grounds of Batavia High School is to be considered a privilege.  With parking privileges come certain responsibilities that must be assumed by the student.   Violations of regulations may result in suspension and/or revocation of parking privileges.  All consequences apply to any student who is involved in a carpool situation.  The following regulations will apply:

  1. Juniors and seniors with off-campus classes requiring them to drive, will have the first opportunity to purchase a parking sticker.  Accredited seniors (credits will be calculated by the end of the sixth semester) will have the next opportunity to purchase a parking sticker through the lottery process. The remaining stickers will be sold on a lottery-type basis to juniors. Juniors and seniors are also permitted and encouraged to carpool.  A carpool is defined as 1 to 3 additional students registering their cars to the same parking space with the permission of the student originally issued the permit.  Up to four upperclassmen may share one parking permit.  Each vehicle MUST be registered with the Student Services Office.   No sophomores or freshmen are allowed to park on campus.  Any unauthorized vehicle may be towed.
  2. Each student who parks on the school grounds will display a parking permit on the rear view mirror of his/her vehicle. This parking permit may be purchased in the Finance Office. These permits may not be given to or sold to another student. If an unauthorized transfer occurs, both students will not be allowed to park in the lot for the remainder of the year. A student who no longer needs a parking permit must turn it into the Finance Office.   
  3. Students will park only in the designated numbered spaces that match the number on their parking sticker in the student parking lot (Wilson Street).
  4. Students who park illegally (handicapped spots, outside of their designated parking spot, in teachers’ lot, in visitors’ spaces, loading zones, fire lanes, no parking sticker, displaying a parking sticker belonging to another student, parking while parking privileges are suspended) may be towed. The cost of the recovery of the vehicle will be payable directly to the towing company. There will be no warnings.
  5. It is to be understood that vehicles are subject to search if the Administration has reasonable suspicion that the search will produce evidence that the student-owner of the vehicle has violated or is violating either the law or the District’s rules.
  6. Students are not allowed to go to their vehicle during school hours unless given permission from the Student Services Office.
  7. Students are not to drive recklessly.
  8. Truancy from school, unauthorized leaving of campus, transporting another student off campus who does not have an off campus class or does not have it during that specific hour, or allowing another student to use your vehicle who does not have an off-campus class are all violations of parking regulations. The penalty for infractions of the above rules (6-8) will result in suspension or revocation of parking privileges and that shall include all students using the permit for carpool purposes.
  9. Parking privileges will automatically be suspended for the entire school year if either drugs or alcohol are found in a student’s vehicle while in the school lot.  This is in addition to the normal consequences for such offenses. No refund will be provided.
  10. If a student finds another car parked in his or her designated spot, he or she should park in a visitor’s location and immediately inform the Student Services Office.
  11. If a student is involved in a minor accident in the parking lot, he or she should immediately inform the personnel in the Student Services Office.
  12. Temporary Parking Permits – Fee $1.00 Temporary parking is for students who are in need of parking on an emergency basis only. This includes doctor/dental appointments, car repair, or family emergencies. Students will be limited to three (3) temporary permits per semester.  Temporary permits are to be obtained in the Student Services Office either the day before they are needed or from 7 a.m. to 7:20 a.m. on the day they are needed.

Students who violate parking and/or attendance rules may also be barred from participating in the parking lottery the following year.

Locker Policy

Lockers remain the property of the school district and therefore students have NO reasonable expectation of privacy in the locker assigned to them. The students are personally responsible for the contents of the locker to which they are assigned. In the interest of the safety and security of the entire school community, lockers are subject to search if the Administration has reasonable grounds to suspect that the search will produce evidence that the student has violated or is violating either the law or the District’s rules. District officials may request the assistance of law enforcement officers for purpose of searching student lockers for illegal drugs, weapons or other illegal or dangerous substances or materials. Students are not to change lockers unless authorized to do so by the Administration. Students are not to post inappropriate displays on or in their lockers.  

A monetary fine will be assessed for defaced or damaged lockers.  Students will have a registered PE locker and must provide a lock for use in the PE locker rooms. Valuables should not be stored in PE lockers. Any materials left in any school locker at the end of the year will be disposed of.  

I.D. Cards

Students are expected to carry their I.D. cards at all times. All students enrolled in Batavia High School are required to carry a student ID. This is done to afford protection to Batavia students and to identify those who are not enrolled. Failure to do so may be considered insubordination and will carry the corresponding consequences. Student ID cards will also be required for admission to athletic events, dances, and other school events.   

Students may purchase replacement IDs in Student Services.

Student Schedules

Students are issued copies of their original and any amended schedules. Students who misplace their schedules may print a copy from PowerSchool.


Telephones are available for student usage at the Main Street Reception area. Generally, the classroom telephones are to be used for EMERGENCY calls only. Unless there is a true family emergency, students will not be allowed out of class to receive or place a telephone call. Often we receive calls from parents wishing to convey messages to their sons or daughters regarding doctor’s appointments, rides home, forgotten clothing, etc. Because of the increasing size of our student enrollment, it is impossible to convey all of the messages. Therefore, we ask that parents only call in the case of a real emergency.


The school has the responsibility to maintain a learning environment that is safe and as free as possible from outside distractions. In order to provide a safe environment access to the building is limited. Batavia High School welcomes the parents of our students as guests. All visitors must sign a visitors’ log, show state issued identification, wear a visitor’s badge and receive permission to remain on school property. When leaving the school, visitors must return their badge.  (Board Policy 8:30). Failure to receive visitor status constitutes trespassing and may result in legal action. Students are not to bring in other visitors unless he/she is a guest speaker for a class and written permission is obtained from that teacher. Deliveries to students from outside services (such as flowers or balloon shops, fast-food or pizza deliveries etc.) will not be accepted by the school.

Visitor Access During Lunch Periods

At BHS, students have flexible seating options during lunch periods. Over 650 students eat each lunch period in the atrium, cafeteria, and outside on the front lawn. At that time, campus monitors are supervising the multiple locations and are unable to provide extra staff for the Main Street Reception Office. Based on a School Safety Review conducted by Ron and Sandy Ellis, it was determined that our past practice of allowing constant drop offs was detrimental to the safety of our students and staff.  For this reason, we are limiting the amount of unexpected traffic we have through our reception office during lunch periods. We will not accept items being dropped off for students or staff. This includes but is not limited to lunches, sports bags, and school materials of any kind.

In addition, between 10:40 AM and 1:00 PM, the only visitors that will be allowed to enter the building are those with pre-arranged appointments. Scheduled appointments will continue as normal. Parents should contact the staff member prior to coming to the building to set up an appointment.

This plan allows students the ability to eat in several locations on our campus including locations near the main entrance of the school. Providing multiple locations allows for a positive lunch experience while providing maximum safety and security. If there is an emergency or a special circumstance, arrangements can be made to adjust for those situations by contacting the Dean of Students, Chris Payton.

Poster Approval

All materials which are to be posted must be approved and stamped in the Principal’s Office before being posted. Posters, fliers, etc. may then be displayed on approved areas only. Posting notices promoting private profit-making organizations is prohibited.

Dance and Extracurricular Event Participation

All BHS students may attend dances and other extracurricular events unless barred from such events by the school administration. Non-BHS students attending dances must fill out and return a guest form no later than the Wednesday prior to the event. Failure to turn in a properly completed form will result in the guest request being denied.   

All individuals attending such events must have photo identification on their person and must present this identification upon request to a school official. The minimum grade level for guests to BHS dances is the ninth grade and no one over the age of twenty will be permitted to attend.

Please note, for some dances and events such as prom, freshman and sophomores cannot attend unless their date is a junior or senior. Click here for more information on Dance Expectations.  

Police Liaison Officer

Batavia High School offers the services of a full-time Police Liaison Officer to the students. In addition to general supervision, campus safety and security, assistance in deterring and solving crimes, and interviewing students, this Officer is available to counsel students, make referrals to DCFS, and take accident reports.

In our continuous effort to provide a safe learning environment, Batavia High School may utilize K-9 units from local law enforcement agencies to proactively patrol the campus. K9 units will make random, unscheduled, and often unannounced visits to BHS. The specially trained police dogs may search common areas, lockers, parking lots, and vehicles for alcohol, drugs, and explosive weapons. If a dog detects something in a locker, or vehicle it may be searched by school officials.