9:110-AP1 Information Classification Levels

All information and records shall be classified as outlined below.  Access to records or information shall be cared for and restricted based upon its classification level, and mishandling may incur disciplinary action according to Board Policy and/or criminal penalties as prescribed by law.  To obtain clearance to access secret and confidential information, all persons must satisfactorily pass a criminal background check and be trained in the proper handling procedures for sensitive information.

Information and Record Classification Types

Classification Description Requirements
Secret Secret records and information that would cause severe damage to the District or individuals if shared publicly.  Access to this information is restricted to personnel for whom such information is “essential” to executing their job duties.  By its nature, secret information is exempt from disclosure under FOIA.
Examples: Social Security numbers, bank account numbers, passwords, encryption keys
Access is severely restricted.  Records must be encrypted in transit and, if technically feasible, encrypted at rest.  Access to secret information must be “essential” to executing job duties and requires written permission from the Superintendent.
Confidential Confidential records are protected for the purposes of security or personal privacy, as defined by law.  Access to this information is restricted to personnel who “need to know” to perform their job duties and is regulated by FERPA, ISSRA, and OMA.  Most confidential information is exempt from disclosure under FOIA.
Examples: Student educational records, personnel records, closed session minutes of the Board of Education, emergency operations plans
Access is restricted.  Records must be encrypted in transit.  Access to confidential information is restricted to personnel who “need to know” and must be germane to fulfilling job duties.
Official Official information includes all records and materials pertaining to the transaction of public business, having been prepared by or for the District.  All such records and information is regulated by the Illinois Local Records Act and subject to the Freedom of Information Act.
Examples: Reports, forms, letters, memoranda, books, papers, maps, photographs, and recordings
No restrictions for access.


Cross References:

4:015 Identity Protection

9:110 Information Classification Levels

Legal References:

Freedom of Information Act (5 ILCS 140/5)

Family Educational Rights and Protection Act

Illinois School Student Records Act (105 ILCS 10)

Personal Information Protection Act (815 ILCS 530)

Illinois Local Records Act (50 ILCS 205)

Date Adopted: April 22, 2015

Date Amended:  March 24 2020