9:150 Information Security Incident Management

An information security incident occurs when there is an event which has caused or has the potential to cause, damage to the District’s information assets, damage to the District’s reputation, information to be transferred to someone who is not entitled to receive it, the corruption of data.

Information security incidents must be reported promptly to allow the issue to be investigated and resolved and to reduce the risk of reoccurring.

An Information Security Incident includes:

  • The loss or theft of data or information
  • The transfer of sensitive or confidential information to those who are not entitled to receive that information
  • Attempts (either failed or successful) to gain unauthorized access to data or information storage or a computer system
  • Changes to information or data or system hardware, firmware, or software characteristics without the District’s knowledge, instruction, or consent
  • Unwanted disruption or denial of service to the system
  • The unauthorized use of a system by any person
  • Loss of service
  • System malfunctions

Reporting Information Security Incidents

All events that could result in the actual or potential loss of data, breaches of confidentiality, unauthorized access or changes shall be reported immediately to the Superintendent or designee.  The report will be logged and the appropriate personnel notified.

Date Adopted: 04/05/2013