9:120 Human Resources Security

The Superintendent or designee will communicate security policies to all employees, contractors, and third parties to ensure that they understand their responsibilities.

Prior to Employment

The Superintendent or designee shall consider security responsibilities when recruiting permanent employees, contractors, or temporary staff (e.g., through adequate job descriptions, pre-employment screening) and included in contracts (e.g., terms and conditions of employment and other signed agreements).

During Employment

The Superintendent or designee shall define management responsibilities regarding information security.  Employees and (if relevant) third parties shall be made aware and trained in security procedures.  Disciplinary action may apply in cases of negligence and/or misconduct.

Termination or Change of Employment

The Superintendent or designee shall develop a security management system for a person’s exit from the District (e.g., return of District assets and removal of access rights) or change of responsibilities.

Date Adopted: 04/05/2013