9:010 Information Assets

The protection and maintenance of the information assets is critical to operation of the District.  The purpose of the policies contained in Section 9: Information Security are:

  1. To protect the District’s information assets from threats, whether internal or external, deliberate or accidental;
  2. To enable secure information sharing;
  3. To encourage consistent and professional use of information;
  4. To ensure that everyone is clear about their roles in using and protecting information;
  5. To ensure operational continuity and minimize impediments to learning and teaching;

To protect the District from legal liability and the inappropriate use of information.


The policies contained in Section 9: Information Security apply to all students and employees of the District, contractual third parties and agents of the District who have access to District information systems or information.

These policies apply to all forms of information, including:

  1. Speech, spoken face to face, or communicated by phone or radio,
  2. Hard copy data printed or written on paper,
  3. Information stored in manual filing systems,
  4. Communications sent by post/ courier, fax, electronic mail, text, chat, etc.,
  5. Stored and processed by servers, PC’s laptops, mobile phones, PDA’s, etc.,
  6.  Stored on any type of removable media, CD’s DVD’s, tape, USB memory sticks, digital cameras, or cloud-based services.

Date Adopted: 04/05/2013