Topic/Area 1st Contact 2nd Contact 3rd Contact 4th Contact
Academics Teacher Building Administrator Director of Curriculum Chief Academic Officer
BPS101 Athletics Coach Athletic Director/AP Building Principal
Discipline (detentions, social probation, etc.) Teacher Dean-MS/HS

Building Principal

Building Principal
Discipline (suspension/ expulsion) Dean-MS/HS

Building Principal (elem)

Building Principal  Chief Academic Officer Board of Education
Food Service Food Service Director (Quest)


Health Services School Nurse Certified School Nurse Director of Student Services Chief Academic Officer
Transportation Building Secretary Transportation Line 630-937-8837 Director of Operations
Curriculum/ Testing Teacher Building Principal or Assistant Principal Director of Curriculum Chief Academic Officer
Taxes/Budget Director of Finance Chief Financial Officer Superintendent Board of Education
Special Education Case Manager Assistant Director  Director of Special Education
Teacher/Staff Member Teacher or Staff Member Building Principal or Assistant Principal Chief Human Resources Officer
Student Teacher Counselor/ Social Worker/ School Psychologist Building Principal/ Assistant Principal Chief Academic Officer
Technology Complete a Tech Assistance request in PowerSchool Email

Contact Director of Technology


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Adopted: September 20, 2022