4:060-AP2 Contracts

Employees may sign contracts in the name of the District only if they have approval and authority as set forth herein.  The term “contract” is defined, broadly, to mean any document intended to set forth an agreement or arrangement between the District and an outside party.


It is the responsibility of anyone who presents a contract for signature and who signs a contract in the name of the District to read and understand the terms of the contract, assure that the contract has been reviewed and approved as set forth in Board policy 4:060, Purchases and Contracts and that the business terms of the contract are fair and reasonable to the District.

Signing a contract on behalf of the District is an important responsibility and shall be done only by someone with authority and understanding of the obligation being undertaken.  A person who signs a contract on behalf of the District without proper authority may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.  A person who signs without authority in some cases may be liable for the obligations, debts, and risks under that contract.  The individual’s liability may be personal.  


The following positions have the authority to enter into single-year (non-renewing) contracts less than $25,000 on behalf of the District:

  1. Superintendent
  2. Chief/Assistant Superintendent
  3. Principal
  4. Director
  5. District Theatre Manager

All multi-year contracts and contracts in excess of $25,000 require approval from the Board of Education prior to execution.

Conflict of Interest

An employee who has a conflict of interest with respect to a contract does not have authority to sign the contract and should not be involved in the approval process of such contract(s).


All contracts must be in writing, which may include electronic (but not email) form.  No contract will bind the District unless it is in writing and signed in accordance with Board Policy.  

Authorized signers shall forward a copy of each contract to the Business Office immediately upon execution.  Original, paper copies of any contract over $100,000 shall be kept in the Business Office.

All contracts shall be indexed by the Business Office and filed in alphabetical order by the vendor’s name.  Contracts shall not be separated by fiscal year.  


Cross References:

4:060 Purchases and Contracts

Date Reviewed: April 26, 2016