8:064-AP1 Naming of School Building or Facilities

The following are procedures for naming buildings and facilities in District #101.

When a new building or a facility is to be named, the superintendent will name and convene a committee to study nominations for the naming of the new building or facility.

The committee will be comprised of:

  • Teachers
  • School Board members, current and former
  • Central Office Administrator(s)
  • Citizens at large
  • Parents
  • The principal of the new building or the building with the facility to be named shall be ex-officio.

The committee will convene no later than the beginning of the semester prior to the planned opening of the building. The committee will present a recommendation to the Superintendent no later than 45 school days prior to the end of the semester before the planned opening of the facility. The Superintendent will consider the committee’s recommendation and make a recommendation to the Board of Education.

In studying options for naming new buildings and facilities committee members shall consider individuals who have made significant contributions to the District through longevity, service or exemplary leadership. The committee shall also consider names that reflect local interest. The committee may also consider national or international figures.

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8:064 Naming of School Building or Facilities

Date Adopted: 04/25/2006