8:030-E2 Child Sex Offender’s Request for Permission to Visit School Property

A child sex offender who is not a parent/guardian of a student enrolled in the District must complete this form in order to seek permission to visit school property whenever students are present. After a decision is made whether to grant or deny permission to visit, a copy will be returned to you. This information will be kept in the Administration offices as well as in the Building Principal’s office where you are seeking permission to visit. Please be specific.

Name (please print):   _________________________________

Address/City/Zip:   _____________________________________________________

Signature:  ____________________________________  Date:  ________________

Visit Request

Date and Time Location and Purpose



The following is to be completed by District personnel only

_____ Permission Granted                _____ Permission Denied

Date:  ____________________

Signature (Superintendent/Designee/Board President):  ________________________

Visit Supervision:

Time in:  ________________

Time Out:  ______________

Date:  __________________


Signature of Supervisor(Building Principal or other certified employee):


Date Approved:  04/25/2006