Building Our Future Together

Building Our Future Together March 2021 Update

The Building Our Future Together Core Team has made great strides in the master planning process for our educational facilities. The Core Team is using information compiled from two years’ worth of input and data gathering about our educational programming and facilities. The facility needs are vast, and the Core Team is finalizing a plan that will incorporate evolving needs and changes in teaching in learning. During the month of April, the Core Team will be seeking community input that will assist them in their final recommendations. The final vision for BPS101 facilities will be presented to the Board of Education for their approval. 

Guiding Principles and Topics of Interest

The Core Team has been engaged in learning about the needs of the District and listening to the BPS101 community since April 2019. Throughout the first phases of the Educational Master Facilities Plan process, questions and feedback have been collected from students, staff, and the community. The Core Team took the information and feedback from the stakeholders and created Guiding Principles which represent the vision for BPS101 facilities. The frequently asked questions and topics of discussions are addressed on the Topic of Interest page.

A future-ready master facilities plan

In November 2017, the Board of Education voted to commission a Facilities Committee. The District put out a call for volunteers, which resulted in a group of 17 staff and community members who started the process of developing a master facilities plan for 2020 and beyond. After a year of studying, touring, analyzing, and assessing, the Committee reported their findings and recommendations to the Board of Education.  To fully consider the recommendations of the Facilities Committee and continue the development of an Educational Master Facility Plan, the Board issued a request for qualifications (RFQ) for architectural and engineering services. The Board selected DLR Group to help carry the plan forward and engage the entire BPS101 Community in the process of Building Our Future Together.

DLR Group’s experience with engaging communities in the process will lead to an Educational Master Facility Plan that incorporates BPS101’s vision, pedagogy, student experience, educational readiness, and environmental goals. Their approach is a highly collaborative one in which they will generate and analyze information, share ideas, develop options, and offer guidance in decision making. DLR Group believes “it is our responsibility to challenge District stakeholders to think differently about the facilities and how they can help become assets toward continued excellence in academics and operations.”  

We invite the entire Batavia community to join us in Building Our Future Together.