Phase 1: Deeper Understanding

Timeline: April – May 2019

Indoor Environmental Testing

 DLR Group will facilitate testing of temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide, acoustics, light levels, volatile organic compounds, and PM2.5. DLR Group will also be sending out a survey to teachers and staff to assess their satisfaction with such things as thermal and visual comfort as it relates to Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ).

Energy Use Analysis

DLR Group will gather utility bill information for each of the District’s buildings and analyze the energy use intensity (EUI) for each, comparing to each other and with the state averages for schools.

Listening Tour (Staff)

One-hour blocks of time (1x building) for teachers and staff to share thoughts and ideas with a DLR Group team member in a structured format. Discussion will focus on aspects of the school building(s)—functional or systemic.

Schedule Window

  • Early Childhood: Wednesday, April 24th
  • Alice Gustafson School: Thursday, April 25th
  • Grace McWayne School: Friday, April 26th 
  • H.C. Storm School: Thursday, April 25th
  • Hoover-Wood School: Thursday, April 18th 
  • J.B. Nelson School: Thursday, April 18th
  • Louise White School: Friday, April 26th 
  • Rotolo Middle School: Tuesday, April 30th 
  • Batavia High School: Monday, April 29th

Day-in-the-Life Observation (Students and Staff)

On the day of a school’s listening tour, DLR Group will shadow students and/or visit classes to observe learning activities and modalities that exist today. DLR Group would also be having five teachers per grade level completing a one-week activity electronically to help broaden the data set. Teachers should submit their Day-in-the-Life logs to their principal after school on May 3rd. 

Community Presentations

After Phase 1, DLR Group will present finding to the community at three separate meetings. These presentations will be two hours in length and include an opportunity for the community to ask questions and provide three big ideas for the District.

Schedule Window

The presentation will be offered at two different times in two different locations. Please join us at one of the following:

  • Thursday, May 23rd from 6pm to 8pm at Rotolo Middle School
  • Friday, May 24th from 9am to 11am at the Rosalie Jones Administration Center

Download the handouts from the interactive presentations >

Watch the video of the presentation >

Phase 1 Board Update

DLR Group will update the Board of Education at regular intervals. The first presentation will be at the May 21 meeting, which is held at 335 W. Wilson Street and begins at 7 p.m.