Student Handbooks

IEP Conferences

Efforts are made to schedule a mutually convenient time during the school day for Individual Education Program (IEP) meetings to discuss the service needs for students. If the parent is unable to attend an IEP conference, the parent should contact the building to reschedule the meeting.

In the event that the family and/or legal guardian requests a representative to attend an IEP meeting in their absence, the parent must submit a written note authorizing the named person to attend on the parent’s behalf. This letter is required for parent representatives such as grandparents, significant others, or other adults residing within the home. However, this representative will not be permitted to make decisions regarding this student nor sign consent for services. The paperwork from this IEP meeting will be sent to the parent(s) and IEP team personnel will be available to review the contents of the IEP summary with the parent(s).

Detailed information relative to referral procedures and special education rules and regulations are available through your building principal. In addition, the booklet entitled, A Parents’ Guide: The Educational Rights of Students with Disabilities (2001) is available during registration, or can be obtained through the school principal or at the Rosalie Jones Administration Center.