Special Education Services

Speech Language Services

Speech-Language Pathology services are provided by speech-language pathologists to address the needs of students with disabilities that affect speech and/or language skills. Students may receive speech-language services as a primary service (under a “speech-only” IEP) or as a related service. Students are eligible to receive speech-language services when they demonstrate a disability that impacts educational functioning.]

Speech and language services include the following:

  • Screening, evaluation, and diagnosis of children with speech and/or language impairments
  • Provision of speech and language services
  • Counseling and guidance for parents, children, and teachers regarding speech impairments
  • Consultation with private providers to support students within the public school setting


BPS101 currently has 13 speech speech-language pathologists supporting students in early childhood through 8th grade, with an additional three therapists providing supports to students in local parochial schools. Their responsibilities may include:

  • Screen and evaluate students for speech-language needs
  • Provide speech-language therapy as a primary or related service, per a student’s IEP
  • Provide services via a variety of service delivery models, including consultation, push-in, pull-out, and whole-group instruction
  • Consult with teachers regarding student referrals and in-class therapeutic supports
  • Provide technical support to staff for students with specific needs, such as assistive technology
  • Participate in problem solving
  • Provide consultation, assessment, and therapeutic interventions as a component of MTSS
  • Manage student 504 plans as needed
  • Attend school and department meetings
  • Participate in and provide staff development activities