Hearing Services

BPS101 works collaboratively with NIA & MidValley Special Education Cooperative to provide Hearing Services to our students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.  School based Hearing Itinerants work as part of the educational team to assist the student in benefiting from their educational program. The services focus on these primary areas.

  • The development of SPEECH SKILLS is a part of every activity throughout the day. The speech teacher further enhances these skills during sessions focusing on specific articulation goals and the language development necessary for providing the student with skills critical for speaking and comprehending spoken language.
  • LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT is a consistent focus across all areas of the curriculum. Language building provides the crucial foundation hearing impaired children need to be able to understand the world around them, communicate thoughts and ideas, and to understand concepts related to reading, language, social studies, science and math
  • AUDITORY SKILLS ENHANCEMENT occurs in every facet of the program. Teachers incorporate listening exercises into the curriculum on a daily basis. Individual or small group sessions with the Hearing Itinerant allows for concentrated attention on specific aspects of listening used in all environments.

Vision Services

BPS101 also works collaboratively with NIA to provide vision services to our student with mild to moderate vision impairments. School based Vision Itinerants work as part of the educational team to assist the student in benefiting from their educational program.

Teachers of the Visually Impaired

  • Direct or consultative services
  • Teach efficient use of vision
  • Provide vision stimulation
  • Teach use of technology and adapted materials
  • Provide Braille instruction
  • Share current resources and information with team and parents

Vision Supervision

  • Technical assistance supervision for programs and teachers
  • Functional vision evaluations
  • Program and curriculum development
  • Current information on eye conditions
  • Links to specialized resources
  • Current research, policy and procedural information

Orientation and Mobility

  • Direct or consultative services
  • Instruction in safe, effective travel and mobility skills
  • Instruction in schools, neighborhoods and communities
  • Confidence and independence in travel