February 17, 2021

Restore Messenger to Families for Feb. 17, 2021

February 17, 2021

Hello BPS101 Families-

A HUGE thank you to families and staff for braving the elements on Tuesday in support of an in-person learning day for your Gold students.

Several questions have come in regarding the following topics and we wanted to send you a quick update with some answers.

CDC Guidance

The newly updated CDC guidelines affirm our current modes of learning and use of mitigation strategies in BPS101. Given our current transmission rates, the CDC recommends hybrid learning/reduced attendance and requires six feet of social distancing, which is how BPS101 is presently operating. BPS101 has a commitment to providing in-person experiences for students when it is safe to do so, and at this time the guidance does not support expanding in-person learning. For more about the indicators and thresholds, see the updated guidance on the CDC website.  

Building Our Future Together Update

During the 2020-21 school year, the district, staff, and families of BPS101 students have devoted much of their time to adapting to teaching and learning during the pandemic. That does not mean that planning for the future has been put on hold. In fact, the Building Our Future Together Core Team has made great strides in the master planning process for our educational facilities. 

The Core Team is using information compiled from two years’ worth of input and data gathering about our educational programming and facilities. Prior to making a recommendation to the Board of Education in the late spring or early summer, there will be an opportunity for all stakeholders to provide feedback on the recommendation. The facility needs are vast, and the Core Team will present a manageable long-term plan that addresses the greatest number of needs. The team is currently reviewing all options such as renovations, new construction, additions, and boundary adjustments. The resulting options will be presented to the community during the week of April 12th, and the Core Team is requesting your participation in the process. 

More details will be shared next month about how you can provide feedback on the Team’s recommendations. The Team will use your input to determine their final recommendations. 

Visit the BPS101 Building Our Future Together website for more information.

Be kind, be well, and stay warm!