Terms and Conditions for Rental of District Facilities

General Terms

  1. Acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth herein, a certificate of insurance and the payment of required fees must be completed and approved by the Director of Buildings & Grounds before facilities may be used.
  2. Application for the use of facilities should be submitted at least 30 days prior to the first proposed use. The proposed contract must be in the District Office at least ten (10) workdays prior to facility use.
  3. All amounts due under this contract must be paid in advance for uses within the first thirty (30) calendar days. Amounts due after 30 days will be billed, and must be paid, prior to use for each of the following thirty (30) day periods.
  4. The District may cancel the use of the facility on the date or dates specified in the Contract by notifying renter by telephone, messenger or letter to the address given on the Contract at any time prior to any scheduled use. The District reserves the right to refund payments made in advance for the rental of any facility if the Board should decide that the Contract is not in the best interest of the District.
  5. The renter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the District from any claims or loss.
  6. Proof of liability insurance in the amount of $500,000 and property damage of $50,000 with Batavia Public School District named as “additional insured” on the policy is required. A certificate of insurance is required as evidence of this coverage.
  7. The renter affirms that no event will be held for the purpose of advancing any theories subversive to the constitutions or laws of the State of Illinois, or the United States, or for the purpose of advocating social or political change by violence.
  8. When schools are closed Monday through Friday due to weather conditions, afternoon and evening activities in school facilities will automatically be cancelled. Occasionally, it may be necessary to cancel activities in a particular school or facility because of a problem, such as plumbing or heating, etc.

Rental Terms

  1. Any renter/user using School District facilities for activities after regular school hours shall ensure proper response to emergency situations. A quick reference guide providing direction for responding to emergency situations can be found here. Renter is responsible for reviewing emergency response protocols with all supervisors associated with the event.
  2. Any renter/user using School District facilities for activities, which include school-age children, will ensure compliance with the District’s Student Code of Conduct. Any illegal behavior will be referred to proper authorities for appropriate legal action. The rental/user contract may be terminated immediately by the District if the renter/user fails to comply with these provisions.
  3. Fees incurred by a renter for utilizing District staff will be charged through this Contract to the renter in accordance with the District fee schedules. District staff must be paid through District staff payroll.
  4. All activities must be under competent adult supervision supplied by renter. The building principal or other facility manager shall have authority over renters’ activities, and renter shall abide by all requests made by the building principal or designee. Administrators or other authorized District staff are to have access to all facilities at any time. Premises are to be vacated at the times specified.
  5. All District properties shall be left in as good condition as when received. The Renters personal property is to be removed from the premises immediately upon completion of Contract term unless previous arrangements have been made, and the District shall not be responsible for the renter’s personal property in any way during or after a rental period.
  6. No smoking or alcoholic beverages are allowed anywhere on District premises. No refreshments are to be served or sold on school grounds, or in the buildings except in the appropriate facilities, and only with the prior approval of the building administrator.
  7. Kitchen facilities shall not be used (excluding sinks and counters), unless approved by the Assistant Director of Buildings & Grounds, under the supervision of qualified staff provided.
  8. Laboratory facilities such as computer labs, home economics labs, shops, media centers, science labs and art labs will not be rented out, unless approved by the Site Administrator and appropriate staff provided. Equipment rates in addition to room rental rates may apply for rental of these areas.
  9. Rental of the Fine Arts Center (auditorium facility) require a meeting with the District Theater Manager. Please call (630) 937-8930 to set up an appointment.
  10. The use of District facilities for personal or private parties and celebrations is prohibited. This includes birthday celebrations, anniversary celebrations, wedding receptions, and similar activities.
  11. Signs, displays, or materials may not be permanently attached, nailed, or otherwise affixed to school facilities, and must be removed promptly at the conclusion of the event.

Other Terms and Conditions

In addition to the terms and conditions set forth on both sides of the Contract for use of school facilities, the following additional terms and conditions shall apply:

  1. Sub-Contracting – The renter shall not assign or sub-contract any facility, or area therein, nor any rights under a contract to another party. Any party other than the renter must execute a separate Contract with the District.
  2. Alteration of Premises – The renter shall occupy the premises in the condition in which they exist. Should any renter remove or change the location of any equipment, such changes shall be made at their expense and renter shall return such equipment back to the condition and location in which it was originally found. Renter shall make no changes or alterations without prior written approval of the building principal. No decorative or other materials shall be attached to any part of the rental facilities so as to damage these facilities. All decorative or other materials shall be noncombustible, or be suitably treated with a flame retardant. No fireworks or explosives shall be used on the premises.
  3. Obstruction of Passageways – No portion of sidewalks, entries, passageways, aisles, elevators, windows, ventilators, lighting fixtures or other ways of access to the facilities or their utilities shall be obstructed, or cause to be used for any purpose other than ingress or egress.
  4. Termination of Contract Loss of Facilities – In case of fire, casualty or other unforeseen occurrence which render the District unable to provide contracted facilities, said Contract shall be immediately terminated, and District shall not be liable for any claims or damages resulting there from. Renter shall be liable only for payments during the time premises were used.
  5. Special Interest Groups – Regular use of facilities by special interest groups shall be limited. Special Interest Groups are designated as Class III. A rental of facilities for special interest groups will be renewed every six (6)months, with a maximum of four (4) renewals. Executing a new Contract after the two (2) year term is subject to District review. A renewal after the six (6) months is the responsibility of the Contract holder.
  6. Compliance with Law – Renters of District facilities shall comply with all laws of the United States, the State of Illinois and applicable city/village ordinances, including any rules and regulations contained herein for the facilities owned and under the control of the District. Violations by the renter may result in cancellation of a Contract, and immediate discontinuance of the use of facilities.
  7. All events are subject to a $20 cancellation fee should they be cancelled with at least 48 hours notice.  Should an organization not show up for the scheduled event and/or not notify the Facility secretary of the cancellation full room and staff fees will apply.  All cancellations must be in writing via email to facilityrentals@bps101.net.

I have read and agree to all of the terms and conditions for the rental of District Facilities.