Vocational Transition Program

The BHS Vocational Transition Program is a cross-categorical, instructional program for students who have significant academic delays accompanied by communication and cognitive needs that require an alternative learning environment and instructional strategies.  The instruction strategies are very structured and incorporate opportunities for high repetition that include a plan for generalization and repeated practice.  This program is available for students in middle school through high school.  The Vocational Transition Program offers a small, structured classroom with an emphasis on functional academics, life skills, social and pragmatic language skills.

Program Goals

  • To assist students in acquiring appropriate classroom and social skills in order to function appropriately and successfully in the general education setting and community.
  • To provide academic instruction and/or support in the special education and general education settings to maximize student achievement.
  • To increase independence in academic, vocational, and daily living skills.
  • To provide vocational opportunities in the classroom, school, and community.
  • To build each student’s capacity to become productive members of the school and community.


  • A variety of curricular materials are used for academic and functional skills instruction.
  • Curriculum-based assessments are used to measure progress and inform instruction.
  • Students work toward individual goals in order to maximize their potential.
  • Students generally participate in the Dynamic Learning Maps Alternate Assessment (DLM-AA), as determined by the educational team.

Related Services

  • Related services are determined by each student’s IEP and may include: Speech-Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and/or Social Work. In addition, consultative support is provided by the Hearing and Vision Itinerant as individually specified for each student’s IEP.
  • Related services are integrated into classroom activities throughout the day.  Direct and/or consultative services are provided, as appropriate.
  • Specialized Physical Education classes are provided to students in the program on a daily basis.

A Partnership with Parents/Guardians…

  • Parent involvement in each child’s educational program is encouraged and welcomed by the VTP team.
  • Progress will be communicated to students and parents to monitor student’s progress on a regular basis.
  • Academic, social, daily living, and vocational supports will be designed and adjusted based on each student’s individual progress in the VTP program.
  • The VTP team is committed to working closely with students and parents to help each student feel successful.