Remote Attendance

Attendance is required, just as it would be on other school days. During remote learning days, students show their attendance by engaging in the available learning opportunities, communicating with their teachers, and completing their assignments. Schools will track attendance in Powerschool.

Attendance will be recorded in PowerSchool every 3 days during the remote learning period. Our target days for posting attendance will be Tuesdays and Fridays in a typical week. 

In the remote learning environment, attendance will be a proxy for engagement, not seat time. Students who are mostly engaged for the previous three (3) days will be marked as present, students who are partially engaged will be marked as tardy, and students who have not engaged for three days will be marked as absent. 

If your child is sick and unable to engage in remote learning, you can call your school’s attendance line and report the absence. This will provide information to teachers as to why the student may not be participating.

Please note attendance will not be taken for PreK and Kindergarten students.