8:020-AP4 Athletic Facility Use

All facility usage must be scheduled or coordinated through BHS athletic department and must meet with the approval of the athletic director/AP for operations.  Users must adhere to the facility usage guidelines or risk revocation of user privileges.  Higher priority users that have scheduled changes may result in cancellation or schedule changes of lower priority users.  Any person/s using the High School facility must be part of an authorized group or organization.  Unauthorized usage will be deemed as trespassing.  During high-use time from January 1-March 31, there will be very limited space offerings for any user below BHS sponsored sports.

Priority of scheduling

  • BHS curricular based utilization during academic school day (for example PE classes, early bird PE, open   house, career fair, curriculum based programs)
  • In-season BHS sponsored IHSA sports
  • Out-of-season BHS sponsored IHSA sports (for example open gyms/clinics/conditioning)
  • BHS sponsored clubs/activities (for example Marching Band/LaCrosse/Winter Guard, etc.)
  • BHS athletic department sponsored special events or community based programs (for example intramurals, adult open gyms, etc.)
  • Inter-governmental, Park District programs, or other agreements.  (for example BYB, BYF, BWC, etc.)
  • Rentals

Date Adopted: 03/19/2014