March 10, 2023

Why $140 million?

Our master facilities plan is a comprehensive document that outlines a long-term strategy for managing and maintaining our schools. The purpose of this plan is to ensure that our schools are able to meet our current and future needs, while also maximizing efficiency, minimizing costs, and supporting student learning. 

During the first 5 months of 2022, a team of citizens hosted a series of community engagement sessions to obtain community input about the master facilities plan. This facilitating team reviewed the feedback from the community engagement sessions and the data from a community-wide survey. The team made a recommendation to the Board of Education to move forward with building  improvements without raising the tax levy for building bonds and interest. 

The Board considered their recommendation and determined that issuing no more than $140 million in building bonds would allow them to keep the bond and interest payment stable, which was the option recommended by the facilitating team.