February 1, 2021

Restore Messenger to Families for Jan 27, 2021

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Dear BPS101 Families-

Thank you for your quick pivot to remote learning on Tuesday.

The Kane County Health Department now has a Vaccine Information page up that may help answer questions about the process and status of vaccine distribution in our county.

Transition to Tier 1 Mitigation (NEW)

Kane County moved to Tier 1 Mitigation on Tuesday, January 27. Here is a link to detailed information on Tier 1 from the Illinois Department of Public Health. We would like to be clear that the reduction in restriction does not impact our learning plan or school schedule during school hours. We will continue to enforce social distancing of at least 6 feet, the handwashing protocol, and mask-wearing, along with the hybrid schedule. One change for us will be group size for meetings and before/after school activities which is now up from 10 to 25. If the trend continues, we could be released from all additional mitigations and return to regular Phase 4 which is where we started this school year.

Kindergarten for 2021-22 School Year (NEW)

District families that have a child that turns 5 by September 1, 2021, have an opportunity to start the registration process and ask questions of District administrators on one of two scheduled dates. Additional information HERE.

Emergency Operations Plan (REMINDER)

There has been an update to the Emergency Operations Plan(EOP) that is used Districtwide in an emergency. The EOP dictates how each emergency situation is handled within our buildings or within the surrounding community. There have been some minor adjustments to the plan including a renaming of one of the emergency terms. “LOCKOUT” has been changed to “SECURE”. We have created a short video to explain each of the emergency action terms within the plan. Please watch it to familiarize yourself with the actions to help prepare you for an emergency.

For school-specific information, please visit the individual school pages that can be found by clicking the SCHOOLS tab at bps101.net. You will find recent news and events by clicking the “News” and “Calendar” icons on their pages.

Stay tuned for more information as updates become available. If not before, we will be in touch again next Wednesday.

Be well,