March 1, 2023

Referendum: Master Facilities Plan

Our master facilities plan is a comprehensive document that outlines a long-term strategy for managing and maintaining our schools. The purpose of this plan is to ensure that our schools are able to meet our current and future needs, while also maximizing efficiency, minimizing costs, and supporting student learning.

Our master facilities plan is not a static document but rather undergoes periodic updates and small changes in order to remain useful and relevant. These updates may be prompted by changes in our enrollment, advances in technology, changes in regulations, or other factors that impact our operations.

Some of the key components of our master facilities plan may include an assessment of our schools’ current conditions, an analysis of its usage patterns and needs, a review of existing policies and procedures, and recommendations for improvements and upgrades. The plan also outlines regular maintenance and repair activities, as well as strategies for managing student safety and energy use.

By developing and implementing our master facilities plan, we can ensure that our schools are able to meet student needs while also being sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective. Please also understand that our plan is a dynamic document that will evolve over time and that regular updates and revisions are necessary to ensure that it remains useful and effective.