May 15, 2018

Olivia Murchie Named BPS101 Student Ambassador

Olivia Murchie

Olivia Murchie, BHS junior

Incoming junior Olivia Murchie was recently selected by the BPS101 Board of Education to be its next Student Ambassador. Olivia is also the vice president of the BHS Student Council and a member of the BHS Tennis Team and Key Club.

Each year, the Board appoints one Batavia High School student to serve a two-year term as a Student Ambassador. Student Ambassadors represent the BPS101 student body at all regular Board Meetings and communicate the student body’s viewpoint on issues before the Board. Olivia is replacing outgoing Student Ambassador and 2018 BHS graduate Justin Chu.

To break the ice, Olivia sat down for a few questions …

Why did you apply for the Student Ambassador position?
I really like the quote, “If not you, then who?” I feel like I am the person who others can turn to and the person who is a leader. I like having leadership roles and responsibility because it impacts the school and gives me a sense of fulfillment. 

What are you most excited about learning or achieving during your time as Board of Education Student Ambassador?
Learning how the school works. What I know now is that all of the students show up, and what happens happens. I know there’s a lot more to it. I’m excited to be part of the decision-making process and to help shape the direction we can go.

Favorite school memory so far?
I play tennis, so the tennis season has lots of great memories, especially during homecoming week. All of my friends play tennis so we are together a lot in the fall. I like how there is so much school spirit and everyone is in a good mood.  

How would you describe your leadership style?
I’m flexible. I like to blend the ideas of others into the best possible version instead of just going with my idea. I’m a quick thinker and able to come up with solutions to problems on the go. I can also do things in a time crunch.

Most-used emoji? I really like using the hearts, but  I don’t just use one. I send one in every single color.

If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time? I would probably spend the extra time learning another language. I really love languages. My mom is from Argentina, so I speak Spanish. My dad is from Canada, but he lived in Japan for a long time. My family and I also lived in Japan for four years, so I picked up some Japanese and then we moved to Singapore for two years, so I picked up some Chinese. With every new language, you unlock a whole new group of people that you can talk to. I think that is so cool!

How did you like living in different countries? I really liked being exposed to different cultures. I lived in Japan when I was four years to eight years old. I lived in Singapore, starting when I was eight and we moved back when I was 10. It was good for me to be submerged in these cultures because I feel like I don’t have some of the biases my peers might have. It was fundamental to opening my mind.