October 18, 2016

Kindness Goes a Long Way

One idea can change everything. Recently, Mary Jensen, Music Teacher at Alice Gustafson Elementary School, had a brilliant idea:

  • The #LiftUp101 Kindness Challenge—101 challenges that you can do to lift up others and spread kindness and positivity throughout our school, District, and community.

“With the recent tragedies that have fallen on our District, children and community members wonder, ‘What can I do?’, ‘How can I help?’, ‘What power do I have?’. Well, one thing is true,” explained Mrs. Jensen. “As humans we have the power to lift up other humans. We can help make them feel loved, appreciated, and special. It doesn’t matter how old you are—anyone can make a difference.  We need to constantly tell one another how much they mean to us. Another reason why? Because we can!

Who can participate?
Anyone! Anyone can complete the #LiftUp101 Kindness Challenge—BPS101 students, staff, parents, and community members.  

How can you participate?

  • It’s easy. Pick the type of #LiftUp101 challenge option that is right for you! Choose if you want to do it by yourself, as a group/classroom/friends, family, team, or club.
  • Download the 101 List  and decide how you want to keep track. Tracking suggestions:
    • Simply cross off what you have done on the 101 List.
    • 101 box grid: Color or cross off completed challenges. There are more than 101 days left for the school year, so it can be a daily challenge.
    • 101 balloon chart: Color in balloons for each challenge
    • Kindness log: Pick and choose from the “101 List”
    • Young child box grid: Created by BPS101 Early Childhood teachers with the little ones in mind
  • Remember to use the hashtag #LiftUp101 when sharing on social media. If you do not use social media, that’s okay! Share your challenge experience however you see fit.
  • Not up for 101 challenges? That’s okay, too. Just do as many as you’d like or you don’t have to participate at all. It’s a voluntary, positive activity for home or school. BPS101 teachers have also been sent information about this challenge to do in school as a class/club/team, if they wish.

Finish the challenge?
Everyone’s a winner. The prize is a warm and fuzzy feeling inside our hearts and others’.

Here’s the good news … there is no wrong way to do this. As long as you are spreading kindness and positivity, you are doing it right. We have this one life to show others how important they are to us … so, let’s start!

Final Fun Fact
If we get 101 participants, that would equal 10,201 total acts of friendship/kindness!