August 1, 2017

Chris Theros Named BPS101 Student Ambassador

Incoming junior Chris Theros was recently selected by the BPS101 Board of Education to be its next Student Ambassador. Chris is an active member of the Batavia High School Interact Club and a member of the BHS Golf Team.

Chris Theros, BHS junior

Each year, the Board appoints one Batavia High School student to serve a two-year term as a Student Ambassador. Student Ambassadors represent the BPS101 student body at all regular Board Meetings and communicate the student body’s viewpoint on issues before the Board. Chris is replacing outgoing Student Ambassador and 2017 BHS graduate Addie Bobosky.

Why did you apply for the Student Ambassador position?
Last year, I applied and did not get the role. From what I heard, it sounded like I was highly considered for the position. I decided to come back and try again this year because I thought I had a chance and love the position. I think it is so awesome that I am going to work with both the Board of Education as well as my fellow classmates to make our school a better place.

What are you most excited about learning or achieving during your time as Board of Education Student Ambassador?
I am most excited about learning new ways to interact with the people around me. I think it is extremely important to take it easy on technology and continue to build relations outside of a screen. With this position, I will be talking and meeting with students as well as adults who all have different opinions on given topics. I am excited to hear what they have to say.

How would you describe your leadership style?
Interactive. I love to be in leadership positions and have control over a task at hand. I am outspoken, yet personable, so when it comes to leadership positions, my biggest strength is making everyone feel comfortable to give their own opinions.

Favorite movie?
“Inception.” I love movies that make you think about or question something and cause you to watch it multiple times before you understand it.