March 22, 2017

Board Highlights: March 21, 2017

The following is a brief recap of the Tues., March 21, 2017, BPS101 Regular Board Meeting. View the agenda and all supporting documents from this meeting and minutes from previous meetings. View BATV’s recording of this meeting.

Celebration: Coding Collaboration at HCS

Board Members got a tutorial from H.C. Storm Elementary School second-grade students on coding with Ozobot robots. The students use the mini coding-by-color robots (purchased from a Batavia Foundation for Educational Excellence grant) during class and Coding Club to first learn basic concepts of coding and then master coding challenges. Thank you to the following HCS students and staff members for sharing their Ozobots and coding knowledge with Board Members: Anne Paonessa, principal; Julie Johnson, second-grade teacher; Andrea Slenn, EL teacher; Julie Alholm, instructional coach; and students Naily Alverez,  ​Jennifer Nava-Mora, Barby Macias, Brianna Resendez, Bella Bowen, Abbi Harmon, Brian Kim, and Danny Soltis.

Celebration: BHS and RMS Principal Student Advisory Teams

BHS and RMS Principal Student Advisory Team (PSAT) members have been working together on a number of projects to help take the anxiety out of the 8th-grade to 9th-grade transition process. At the March 21 Board Meeting, members from the RMS PSAT (Amy Bleakley, Sarah Dremel, Olivia Stoops) and BHS PSAT (Addie Bobosky, Justin Chu, Claire Faivre, and Joseph Bautch) shared details about each activity with Board Members, including:

  • Pen Pal Email exchanges between RMS 8th-grader students and BHS PSAT members.
  • Joint BHS and RMS PSAT Meetings
  • Student guides for Incoming Freshmen Orientation Night
  • Informational sessions for all 8th graders during X-time

Report: Board of Education Planning

In compliance with Board Policy 2:210, the Board set the date for its reorganization meeting, which will be on Tues., May 2, 2017, 6 p.m. at the Rosalie Jones Admin Center. At this meeting, newly elected board members will be sworn in, officers will be elected, and the 2017-18 Board Meeting schedule will be confirmed.

Report: Chromebook Life Cycle

BPS101 Director of Information Services Don Seawall shared Administration’s recommendation to continue using existing Chromebooks for another school year for grades 3-12—and offering graduating seniors the option to keep their Chromebook or participate in the optional sell back program. Chromebooks were originally purchased in 2014 and were intended to last two school years. Due to a product recall, every device was replaced in 2015, making them useable for another year. Board Members discussed the Chromebook Life Cycle report and agreed to the extended-use recommendation.

Report: Hazardous Transportation Routes

Each year, hazardous transportation routes are reviewed to determine if changes are necessary. Changes can come in the form of adding certified hazardous routes or decertifying routes that no longer pose a hazard. These changes are direct results of changes or improvements made by the City of Batavia, which may include the addition of sidewalks, traffic controls, or on-going construction projects.

BPS101 Director of Operations Mark Anderson walked Board Members through the School Safety Busing factors created by the Illinois State Department of Transportation (IDOT) to determine if a walking route to school poses a serious safety hazard, including student grade level, location of walkway, controls of the intersection or crossing (if applicable), speed of traffic on the road, volume of traffic, width of roadway (if applicable), and length of hazardous section. The factors are assigned points relative to the safety concern posed, and the total points for the route determine if it qualifies as a hazardous route. Each route deemed hazardous by District must then be submitted to IDOT to receive certification as a hazardous route in order for BPS101 to be reimbursed for the transportation charge incurred.

While reviewing routes, the Operations Dept. recently discovered that some BPS101 routes no longer qualify for the classification of a hazardous route. Students from these routes will be classified as walkers, and families will be notified. It was also discovered that some areas may now qualify as a hazardous route, and documentation for these areas are being submitted to IDOT. Students from these routes will be classified as bus riders, and these families will be notified as well.

Action: Issue of Taxable Tax Anticipation Warrants

Because the distribution schedule of Kane County property taxes has historically caused the District’s cash reserves to hit a deficit in early spring, BPS101 Administration recommended that the Board approve a resolution “authorizing the issue of not-to-exceed $5,000,000 Taxable Tax Anticipation Warrants in anticipation of taxes collected for 2016 for educational purposes and the sale of said warrants to the purchaser thereof.” Board Members unanimously approved this resolution.

Upcoming Board Meetings

Regular Board Meeting
Tues., April 18, 7 p.m.

Special Reorganization Board Meeting
Tues., May 2, 6 p.m.

Regular Board Meeting
Tues., May 23, 7 p.m.

All meetings are open to the community and are located at the Rosalie Jones Administration Center, 335 W. Wilson St., Batavia.