June 23, 2016

Board Highlights: June 21, 2016

RJACThe following is a brief recap of the Tues., June 21, 2016, BPS101 Regular Board Meeting. (View the agenda and all supporting documents from this meeting and minutes from previous meetings.)

Action Items: Inter-Fund Transfers and Amendment to FY16 Budget

To fund the track and field improvements at Batavia High School, the following inter-fund transfers were approved by the Board:

  1. Transfer $100,000 from the Transportation Fund to the Operations and Maintenance Fund.

  2. Transfer $155,146.23 from the Student Activity Fund to the Operations and Maintenance Fund.

  3. Transfer $300,000 from the Working Cash Fund to the Capital Projects Fund.

  4. Transfer $600,000 from the Operations and Maintenance Fund to the Capital Projects Fund.

The inter-fund transfers necessitated an amendment to the FY16 Budget, which was also approved by the Board.

Action Item: Tennis Court Resurfacing

Over the last winter, the surfaces of the eight tennis courts at Batavia High School deteriorated at a significant and unexpected rate. The current conditions of the courts require urgent repair and resurfacing to avoid safety concerns. This project went out for bid and, at the June 21 Board Meeting, the Board approved a $77,800 contract with U.S. Tennis Court Construction Company. Construction is slated to be completed before the BHS fall tennis season begins.

Consent Item: Student Handbooks

The Board approved a searchable, web-based 2016-17 District Parent/Student Handbook accessible by all devices. Similar to the web-based Board Policy at BPS101.net,  a “Recent Revisions & Amendments” page will be created to notify parents and student of Handbook changes.

Consent Item: K-12 Physical Education and Art curriculum

The Board of Education adopted the K-12 Physical Education and K-12 Art curriculum as presented. Subject-area leadership teams comprised of teachers and building-level administrators for art and physical education were commissioned by the Curriculum and Assessment Advisory Council to develop this curriculum, which is based on the National Art Standards and the IL Enhanced PE standards.

Report: Strategic Planning Update

BPS101 Chief Academic Officer Dr. Brad Newkirk recapped the June 11 Special Board Meeting, which focused on the Strategic Plan and, specifically, meeting our students’ needs. At that meeting, Board Members asked administration to research and present further information on full-day kindergarten, including a pay-for-service model, as well as alternative learning opportunities for at-risk students at Batavia High School.

At the June 21 Board Meeting, Dr. Newkirk shared information about Alternative Learning Opportunities Programs from the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE). ISBE Alternative Learning Opportunities Programs are designed to “broaden the range of academic, behavioral, and social/emotional interventions that schools provide to increase the academic performance of students who are determined to be at risk of academic failure.”

Dr. Newkirk explained that Oak Park and West Aurora School Districts have implemented Alternative Learning Opportunities Programs with much success. ISBE Alternative Learning Opportunities Programs require an application, which has been completed by BPS101. If the application is accepted, Dr. Newkirk said administration would bring it back to the Board for further discussion, at which time the Board could decide to halt this program or continue to move forward. If approved, the program would be implemented as a joint venture/intergovernmental agreement with the Kane County Regional Office of Education.

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