General Remote Learning Expectations

See the general expectations and schedule for more information about what this looks like for all involved. 


Teachers will… Students will… Parent(s)/Guardian(s) will…
  • Create learning experiences and assign work that is essential to student understanding of the subject(s)
  • Be available for student questions
  • Provide feedback to students on their progress
  • Contact parents/guardians to address a concern
  • Request the assistance of other staff to address continued concern



  • Complete all work assigned by teachers
  • Engage in class activities and discussions
  • Check-in with your teachers
  • Reach out to teachers and counselors with questions
  • Check PowerSchool or your teacher’s site
  • Check PowerSchool to monitor student work completion and attendance for secondary students (grades 6-12)
  • Look for communication from your elementary teacher(s)
  • Encourage their child to complete assigned work
  • Communicate concerns to teachers and/or related service or support staff