Essentials Classes

The Essentials Classes strive to provide an environment where students will receive direct instruction in areas of academic deficit and gain compensatory skills so that they can be successful in the general education curriculum in the future. Essentials Classes are available in grades 3-12 in core academic areas. Instruction is based around the students’ individual  goals.
 Program Goals
To assist students in acquiring appropriate skills in the areas of reading, writing, math and/or organization in order to be successful in the general education setting
To provide opportunities to actively engage in classroom activities successfully with the support of a special education teacher
This Program is Designed for…
  • Special education students with identified learning disabilities that require direct intervention of intensity that cannot be replicated in a lesser supported environment.
  • Students who need direct instruction in academics in order to master the skills necessary to be successful in a general education classroom.
  • Students, based on the determination of the IEP team, with needs that cannot be met in a less-restrictive environment.
The IEP team may recommend a change in programming when…
  • The team determines that a student has demonstrated significant growth in his/her academic skills and can be successful in a less-restrictive program.
  • The team determines that a student is not making adequate progress in the program and requires a more restrictive program to be successful.
A Partnership with Parents/Guardians
  • Parent involvement in each child’s educational program is encouraged and welcomed by the teacher.
  • Progress will be communicated to students and parents on a regular basis.
  • Academic supports will be designed and adjusted based on each student’s individual progress in the Essentials Class.
  • The Case Managers are  committed to working closely with students and parents to help each student feel successful.