Elementary Instructional Learning Program

The Elementary Instructional Learning Program is a cross-categorical, instructional program for students with intellectual disabilities, significant learning disabilities  or Autism.  This program is available for students in grades Kindergarten through fifth grade. The program provides a smaller, highly-structured classroom environment with embedded academic, functional, and communicative supports. The program is set-up with two classrooms, Kindergarten – Second Grade and another classroom third through fifth grade.   Each classroom has a two, full-time special education teacher, paraprofessional support and a team of related services team members.

Program Goals

  • To assist students in acquiring appropriate functional and social behaviors in order to function appropriately and successfully in the general education setting.
  • To provide academic instruction and/or support in the special education and general education settings to maximize student achievement.
  • To provide an environment where students receive a high degree of modeling, reinforcement, and visual supports to optimize learning and student engagement.
  • To provide related services based on the individual needs of each student.  Related services may include:  Speech/Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy,  Physical Therapy, and/or Social Work.

This Program is Designed for …

  • Special education students with significant academic, functional and communication needs.
  • Students who have difficulty accessing the curriculum in  a larger group learning environment.
  • Students who require a higher degree of adult interactions and support.
  • Students, based on the determination of the IEP team, with needs that cannot be met in a less- restrictive environment.

The IEP team may recommend a change in programming when …

  • The team determines that a student has demonstrated increased independence and academic growth, leading to success in the general education setting.
  • The student is not making adequate progress in the areas of academics, peer relationships and/or language development and requires an alternative program to be successful.

A Partnership with Parents/Guardians

  • Parent involvement in each child’s educational program is encouraged and welcomed by the school team members.
  • Student progress will be reported to parents on a regular basis via email, progress reports and/or parent/teacher conferences.
  • Academic, language and functional interventions will be designed and adjusted based on each student’s individual progress in the program.
  • The school team is committed to working closely with students and parents to help each student feel successful in the least restrictive environment.