District Level Communication Guidelines

Through a combination of staff supports, the website, social media, e-newsletters, School Messenger, and printed documents, Batavia Public School 101 strives to keep the entire community up to date with relevant, timely, and high-quality communications.

School and Staff Supports
The communications department will provide guidelines and support for communications. By meeting regularly and providing photo and graphics libraries and pre-made templates, it is the department’s goal to make communications seamless and simple for all staff members and schools.

District Website
The BPS101 website is the central hub and primary source for information about the district and is the authority on its mission. Parents, guardians, employees, and community members should have confidence if important and up-to-date information is needed, it will be found on the district’s website.

Frequency: As needed
The district utilizes Google Calendars for event management. These calendars are displayed on the district website and are easily accessible and shared with the community. Every effort is made to continuously keep the calendar up-to-date and accurate.

Frequency: Three to four per month
News and celebrations are shared on the district website through the news feed. News items are a celebration of students, staff, or an event that has occurred. High-quality photos or graphics accompany every news story. The news feed is also utilized to announce important events or to educate the community about important district information.

When sharing news about classroom events, the focus is on the student experience. Any stories resulting from a politician’s visit to a school are not an endorsement and will remain neutral in tone and content. If BATV or other groups film a politician’s visit at a school, the footage will remain on BATV or the group’s site and may be linked to a BPS101.net story to provide parents with additional information.

Email Newsletters
Frequency: Three to four per month
The district uses email newsletters to consolidate all important staff updates into one piece of communication. After board meetings, parents, staff, and community members are updated on that meeting’s discussion topics through Board Highlights.

Frequency: Daily
Facebook insights and Sprout Social Analytics show that Facebook continues to be an important platform for parents and staff to receive information about BPS101. The district’s goal is to post one to three items daily. These posts may include important announcements, news stories, upcoming events, and other similar items.

Frequency: Daily
Twitter and Sprout Social Analytics show that Twitter is also another valuable resource for parents, students, and staff to stay current with the district. The district strives to have activity on Twitter every day of the week and at various times. Ideally, one to two original tweets should be generated daily with a few re-tweets of district and staff posts.

Frequency: Weekly
The District chooses to use Instagram as another method to visually share events, celebrations, and the success of students and staff. Photos are posted to Instagram in support of news stories after each article is posted to the website.

Frequency: as needed
Video will continue to play a bigger role in the district’s communication strategy. Throughout the school year, videos are created to celebrate events, showcase a classroom activity, or explain a process or program.

School Messenger
Frequency: As needed
School Messenger is used to share the highest priority announcements and emergency messages. There is no set frequency as this is used when needed. These communications are through phone, email, and text messages.

Printed Materials
Frequency: Annually and six times annually
At times, printed materials are still a necessity and can be used to announce an upcoming event or send important information home to parents and guardians. The district creates an annual “Fast Facts” booklet that is distributed at all BPS101 schools, City of Batavia, Batavia Park District, Batavia Public Library, Chamber of Commerce, MainStreet Batavia, and in BPS101 Kindergarten Preview packets. It is also available upon request to local real estate agencies. Neighbors Magazine includes four pages of BPS101 information in each issue and is mailed to every resident within the boundaries of BPS101 six times annually.